The Big Draw runs across the UK and in twenty other countries, with 280,000 people joining in over 1000+ events. The Big Draw offers thousands of enjoyable, and mainly free, drawing activities that connect people of all ages with museums, outdoor spaces, artists, designers, illustrators – and each other. These events are for those who love to draw, as well as for those who think they can’t!

For the Big Draw event in 2015, visual artist Estefani Bouza and I organized a mural collaborative drawing based on narrative and comic drawing. Each participant draw and paint a super hero or any comic-related drawing and stick it in a big mural. The outcome is a collaborative comic drawing in which more than 40 children have taken part.

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For the Big Draw event in 2014, me and visual artist Estéfani Bouza organised a mural collaborative drawing. The project consists in making a 2×2 metres poster with the outline of an oak tree formed by A4 pages. Each and every of the more than 50 children take one of the A4 pages to draw, paint and collage the branches and trunk of the tree. The final work is a big oak tree with different colours and textures, which has been collaboratively made by more than 50 little artists.

Click here for the website The Big Draw in Catford, London.

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The interdisciplinary project Translation Games is curated by Ricarda Vidal and Maria José Blanco. It explores the theory and practice of translation within literature and the fine arts via public workshops, exhibitions and rule-based games. The project looks at the many layers and facets of communication – visual, tactile, audio, vocal, gestural or scent-based. While communication often happens simultaneously on various different levels of awareness, we are interested in how we can convey the same message through different media.

Denise Riley‘s unpublished poem ‘Still’ provided the source text for the game. Following the rules of Chinese Whispers, the poem was given to an artist with the commission to translate the words into imagery. The artist passed on their image (but not the original text) to another artist asking them to translate into another image, which was passed on to the next artist. In this way, the work was translated through a chain of 12 artists, each working with the medium of their choice and each producing an original translation of the work created by the previous artist in the chain. Each artist also provided a brief commentary on their translation.

Is it a mere coincidence that the final image in the chain captures so much of the original meaning and atmosphere of ‘Still’?

Translation games

Domingo Martínez, no title, drawing, found object, photograph.

Artist commentary on his translation: “Darkness, blur and an arm in blue, green and red colours. Fear, suspicion and fragility. I perceive Anna’s image as a metaphor of wish and desire, but also of nostalgia and melancholy. The hand waiting for someone or for something to hold, or maybe just to be held. When I first saw it, it reminded me of a photograph I bought in a flea market. In it I could see an arm from the same angle and a hand holding a child’s hand. I took that piece of the picture and drew it separately. That allowed me to express my own feelings through it. Then I reproduced the atmosphere in Anna’s picture, which I found very suggestive and close to the nostalgic feeling I wanted to show.

It is a feeling linked to a memory: ‘Please, keep holding my hand as you used to do when I was a child. I now hold that memory as it is about to drop, to vanish. When you held my hand I felt safe and secure; it was like walking along the right path. If your hand loses strength, everything becomes dark and blurred. Just some light let me see the path.'”

Click here to visit Translation Games website.


Since 2011, I have taken part in a multidisciplinary collaboration project called Revolve:R. It is curated and organised by Sam Treadaway and Ricarda Vidal, based on visual correspondence, with a number of artists, writers, and filmmakers, from the United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, and America. Exploring and testing the transmission of ideas, via physical and tactile forms of communication such as the postal service and the book, as well as parallel activity online, the project culminates in the publication of limited edition bookworks, giclée prints, poetry and short films.

The first edition of the project was inspired by chaos theory, started in 2011 and released in 2013. The project has been showed in important art-book fairs and in galleries in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Italy.

Edition 2 has been released in 2015. This edition takes as a starting point the notion related to change, credibility, intuition, will power and synchronicity.

For further information about Revolve:R, click here here and visit the website.

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Round Table Collaboration is a project that aims to build up collaborative collages. In groups of five people, more than eighty participant will make 85 collage along six-month time, which will be exhibited in Spring and Summer 2015.

The five people in each group send collages in a sequence by post, so every participant works on them to make the final composition. Each person starts off a collage and, at the same time, a co-author of the others.

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Click here to see Round Table Collaboration website.

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