Realms of memory

Realms of memory is a working project that proposes a visual response to the idea of “Lieux de mémorie” (realm of memory), coined by the French historian Pierre Nora.
By such term, he refers to both material and historical places, and also to commemorative events, symbols, emblems, etc. Nora is considered a pioneer for making a link between memory and the physical, places and tangible things. Lieux (realms) is used as a broad meaningful word for places and things that contain and trigger memory. Nora understands such realms as an entity that symbolizes a complex part in history, therefore assuming that memory goes beyond visual and tangible aspects, becoming more flexible and changeable.
In this project, I take Polaroid photographs to register places, events, and objects that work as a platform for memory and recalls. Such photographs go with small found objects that relate to the image in the picture and work as a physical documentation of the place or event represented. The objects became a physical trace or remnant of past and memory, as an index of memory. By index I refer to the linguistic and semiotic notion coined by the philosopher, logician, and scientist Charles Sanders Pierce. He uses the term as a mode of significance based on registering the physical qualities of elements in reality.
Polaroid photographs accompanied by the small objects I mentioned aim to build up a combined meaning through the visual and physical relationship
with their referents, that is, with the events and memories they represent.