Remnants, Video 5′. 2019.

At home, Video 6′. 2017.
At home is part of the project Talking Transformations, curated by Ricarda Vidal and Manuela Perteghella. Such a project seeks to offer a platform to examine what ‘home’ means to us at a time when notions of ‘home’ in Europe are becoming more fluid, being challenged and reshaped by unprecedented migration. Ideas and constructions of home are intricately connected to language: the mother tongue, the foreign language, and between them, translation.
Hence Talking Transformations employs poetry and art translation to examine notions of ‘home’ in relation to migration. We commission and send poetry about aspects of one’s own ‘home’ into a linguistic and artistic ‘migration’, where poems are translated into different languages and into film art.
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Reenactments of the past, video installation. Video in loop.

Maybe both have changed, Video 7′

Interpretations, not records. Video, 4’30”

Journey without colour, Video 3’45”

Place and no-time, Video 3’30”

Journey and memory, Video 5’25”